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Complexion radiance cream has the combined benefits of 13 plants. It is recommended to boost the skin�s radiance. It is the biggest Vitamin booster of the moisturising creams. Vitamin A � the anti aging vitamin. Improves cellular turn over which in turn helps wrinkles, fine lines and evens skin complexion. Strengthens the protective tissue of the skin and helps acne. An anti oxidant - helps fight free radical damage. Vitamin B � helps improve the skin barrier function. Vitamin C � the celluar vitamin. Helps in collagen synthesis. Helps decrease fine lines and wrinkles. Is a tyrosinase inhibitor which helps decrease melanin production and in doing so helps reduce hyper pigmentation thus brightening the skin. An antioxidant � helps fight free radical damage. Vitamin D protects the skin from cellular damage. Effective in treating dry skin, itching and flaking. Helps to strengthen muscle tone. Vitamin E � antioxidant � helps fight free radical damage. May also have anti inflammatory effects on the skin. Wh

Centella Complexion Radiance Cream 40ml

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