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Why should you use Vitamin A - Retinol?

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

If you have to choose only one vitamin for your skin, make it Vitamin A!

Vitamin A has been long proven through studies to have direct effects on DNA in nucleus and mitochondria.

Benefits from using Vitamin A include:

1. Normalises and regulates the rate of cell turnover

In acneic and hyperkeratinised skin (psoriasis, eczema) it reduces the rate of new cell turnover. In ageing skin Vitamin A increases the rate of keratinocyte differentiation. This leads to a compact stratum corneum and more youthful epidermis.

2. Reduces epidermal inflammation Vitamin A inhibits release of pro-inflammatory cytokines which results in redness and inflammation of the skin

3. Reverses photo ageing Vitamin A repairs DNA damage by reversing UV induced pyrimidine dimer formation which can result in skin mutation.

4. Preserves and stimulates collagen Vitamin A inhibits UV induced collagen degrading matrix metalloproteinase (MMP).It also stimulates fibroblasts to create more collagen and reduce surface lines.

5. Oil regulation Retinoic acid binds to oil gland receptors to normalize the growth of cells that produce oil (sebocytes). This is particularly beneficial for acne sufferers as vitamin A will reduce the oil gland size and therefore reduce oil secretion.

6. Reduces pigmentation on four levels:

- Vitamin A inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase which reduces the amount of melanin produced.

- It reduces melanocyte size

- It reduces the amount of melanin clumping

- It increases cell turnover to remove pigment more efficiently from the skin surface


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