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Envie Body Sculpture

Non Surgical Body Sculpture.

As technology advances, #NonSurgical #BodySlimming has become the most preferred way of body slimming for those who suffers from stubborn fatty tissues and flacid skin folds.

With a wide range of high tech slimming machines, Envie Laser Clinic can effectively combine their specific therapeutic uses to amplify #lypolysis, dissolve body fats in conjunction with serious muscle and #SkinToning - with proven efficacy from day 1.

Just think of #LoveHandles’ on the side of your hips. We will aim to melt those stubborn fat cells away with ultrasound or radio frequency, whilst simulating the effect of 130 simultaneous sideway sit-ups to both sides, while you are in bed relaxing or interacting with the phone, all in 1 session.

Depends on body types, we can achieve optimum results within 4-8 sessions for over 4-8 weeks.

Clients are encouraged to maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise to warrant a longer lasting result. While some with busy lifestyle may see benefit from the occasional ‘quick-fix’ of #bodytoning and slim.

Suitable body parts include abdomen, love handles, thighs, double chin, triceps, buttocks.

Customers are pleased the results, as we are proud with the current formula. Our service and pricing are consistently competitive, as trust is the intangible asset we always value.

🙂 Pls inform staff if you might be pregnant, or if you wear a pacemaker, or anything that can be interfered by radiowaves or electrical muscle stimulation.

Call us on 0430 999 378 for enquiries. We can arrange a free consultation when you can meet the clients who receive body sculpture treatment on the day.


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