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Facial V-Line Restoration - 3D HIFU

How this works

Our (2019) HIFU machine delivers focussed ultrasound waves to a precise depth to destroy the fat cells. With new technology of 3D Centerless ultrasound wave, the effectiveness will triple whilst treatment time will halves whilst the chance of inducing superficial burning and discomfort will  be eliminated. The client's comfort and safety is warranted.


We expect immediate result and noticeable difference following the first treatment.

However, maximal results may be achieve after 2 -3 sessions. Then maintenance treatment on the yearly basis will maintain your muscles toned and skin lifted firmly, prolonging the youthful look that you deserve.

Results are not permanent and also dependent on a healthy lifestyle. Maintenance HIFU will be required annually.


But if you just want a quick fix for that special date or honeymoon period, then our 3D Centerless HIFU is just for you. 

What other areas can be improved with HIFU?

This treatment is great for busting unwanted stubborn pockets of fat in areas where skin also needs some tightening.

Due to the combined skin tightening and fat reduction effect of HIFU, it is great for achieving a bum lift, or for tightening out "mummy tummy". HIFU can also be used to treat hips, muffin top, outer thighs and bra straps.

How many treatments are recommended?

A package of 3 treatments per area is recommended though some clients may find they want 2 or 3 packages for different areas of the body.

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